Built in conjunction with Matchfit Strength & Conditioning, the Movement Passport is an athletic development programme that provides coaches, teachers and their pupils and young performers with the ability to assess and monitor, and develop fundamental movement skills. Competence in these movement skills forms the basis for biomechanical efficiency and sports specific skill development, which can contribute to the reduction of injury occurrence.

With its built-in Peak Height Velocity calculator and alert system, the Movement Passport provides a platform that allows the teacher and coach to make decisions, with confidence, regarding the appropriate training and practice content for the young performer.

In addition, the Movement Passport provides full guidance for the implementation of athletic development and strength and conditioning content for youth athletes. Complete with videos and progression criteria, this function enables the management of squads and entire year groups, so that each individual can receive tailored content that acknowledges the non-linear nature of learning.

Functioning fully as an app with controlled content dictated by coaching and teaching staff, the Movement Passport can be used to engage the young performers and place the responsibility of progress upon them. The passport allows each individual to track their own progress, self-assess, and set goals for improvement. Video uploads of movement skill development, and other practical homework tasks, can also enable easy links to curriculum based content.

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